Physio Rehabilitation Classes

Physio Rehab

One of the most important components of physiotherapy is specifically tailored exercise therapy. When an injury occurs to a joint (spine, knee, shoulder), pain and swelling often inhibit muscle function and thus the muscle may be weakened. This is a major factor in the reoccurrence of many low back pain complaints.

At Tralee Physiotherapy Clinic, we have a state of the art rehab gym that offers a friendly and motivating environment for individual and group sessions. We are highly skilled in designing individual exercise programs to enable you to strengthen the appropriate muscles. We also focus on retraining poor movement patterns to reduce pain and improve function.

Our rehabilitation is patient specific, suited to your needs and specific to your goals whether this is activities of daily living or elite sport. These programs are based on the latest research available and designed to allow you to exercise without pain, enhance your function and meet your goals.

We aim to enable our patients to self manage their health or pain problems.
All sessions are supervised by experienced physiotherapists and so specific modifications and variations can be made to suit any individual.

Individual or small group sessions are catered for. Please contact the clinic for further information.