Sports Injuries


Regular activity and exercise is proven to be extremely important in preventing and managing chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, as well as maintaining longevity and health. Unfortunately during physical activity injuries can occur and these can usually be categorized as either being an acute or an overuse injury depending on how the injury occurred and the symptoms experienced.


It is extremely important that injuries sustained during sport are correctly and thoroughly assessed and treated, if necessary, to prevent any long term complications which may lead to chronic and recurrent injuries. At Tralee Physiotherapy Clinic, we work closely with players and coaches in the prevention and treatment of sporting injuries. We offer in depth pre and mid season screening to players. This is beneficial to prevent injury occurring by identifying areas of weakness or movement dysfunction.


Some of the common sporting injuries treated at Tralee Physiotherpay Clinic include ankle sprains, hamstring and groin strains, knee ligament injuries, overuse injuries, tendinopathies (Achilles, patellar) and shoulder injuries (strains and dislocations).


Our physiotherapists are also available for attending games and training. Please contact the clinic for more information regarding match attendance and fees.