Policy for Work Shadowing

Transition Year Students

We take a maximum of four students a year for half a days work shadowing.  We cannot take a student for a full weeks work shadowing.

You will not be guaranteed to see patients for treatment as patients may not give consent for a student to observe.

Before we condider takeing a transition year student we require the student to write a 300 word essay on: What is physiotherapy and the different areas of physiotherapy, where it can be studied and why you think you would be suited to physiotherapy.   This is to be written by the sutdent, not the parent.  We will know!

Please email this in to info@traleephysio.ie for the attention of Tara.


BSc Hons Physiotherapy Students

We occasionally take students for short term work shadowing.  This is dependant on work schedules and if we have time to facilitate this. 

Please email to enquire.