This describes the natural stretching of the fascia tissue between your six pack muscles when you are pregnant.  This returns to normal within six to twelve months.  Sometimes the gap between the tummy muscles can be wider than normal or takes longer to return to normal for a few reasons:

  • Stiff lower and upper back
  • Pulling in or bracing your tummy muscles
  • Weak abdominals and pelvic floor muscles
  • The way you carry your child
  • Weak hip muscles
  • Having a C-Section
  • Other medial complaints

At Tralee Physiotherapy Clinic we assess and measure your abdominal separation.  We do this using Real Time Ultrasound.  We can see the gap on the screen and use this a guide to monitor your progress. 

During this assessment we can also use real time ultrasound to assess the pelvic floor muscle contraction.  This can be done at the bikini line and does not involve doing an internal assessment.  If we feel it is necessary an internal pelvic floor assessment may be indicated. 

We then devise an individual programme to help you return to your previous strength and mobility in a safe manner.  We go through the exercises to ensure you understand what type of postnatal exercise is safe to do and why. 

We provide advice on when it is safe to return to running and weight lifting.